Scientists claim to have found the missing link. Seriously?!

A team of researchers this week unveiled an almost perfectly intact fossil of a 47 million-year-old primate they say represents the long-sought missing link between humans and apes.  Seriously?!

Scientist, Jens Franzen, hails this discovery as “the eighth wonder of the world.”  He says, “We’re not dealing with our grand, grand, grandmother, but perhaps with our grand, grand, grand aunt.”  Seriously?!

Scientists say the cat-sized animal’s hind legs offer evidence of evolutionary changes that led to primates standing upright – a breakthrough that could finally confirm Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Seriously?!

The fossil of the lemur-like creature dubbed Ida shows it had opposable thumbs like humans and fingernails instead of claws, thus scientist are considering this the missing link.  Seriously?!

I – for one – am not convinced.  As a Christian, I realize that I am biased, but seriously?! Is this one fossil enough for anyone to be convinced that humans evolved from apes?  Are one hundred fossils enough to convince thinking people that humans are simply glorified, ape upgrades – Apes 2.0, if you will?

On my last visit to the Albuquerque zoo, I sat and watched the apes for quite some time.  They’re fascinating animals who do resemble humans in some pretty uncanny ways.   But, when the large male ape proceeded to dig feces out of his hind quarters, ball it up, throw it my way, then lick his fingers clean, I became sure that not even a “revolutionary” fossil find could convince me that I am in any way, shape, or form linked to him.  Seriously.

4 thoughts on “Scientists claim to have found the missing link. Seriously?!”

  1. Mike – I could not agree more. I don’t know how one fossil could be such a strong piece of evidence. Hope you’re doing well.

    The older we get the more you and I look like we could be brothers – no hair, glasses (yours are cooler) and goatee…resistance is futile, you will be assimilated (into middle age, that is).

  2. Actually, media hype notwithstanding, most scientists seem to be agreed that this is not any kind of direct ancestor of humans. It is an amazing find, though, and the really interesting discoveries are kind of being overshadowed by the misguided “missing link” claims. It does appear to be a transitional fossil, which is interesting. Reading the original paper, as well as the various newspaper and website accounts of the find does open up some very intriguing questions about topics like creation and development, age, how science progresses & discoveries are made, and the role of the media in interpreting science.

  3. You’re crazy. I throw my feces around all the time and have often thought that this proves evolution. My family hates it but they know it is what makes me me! Get a life!

    Rev. Tony Plummer
    Grace Community Bible Church
    Venice, FL

  4. I was going to leave a sarcastic/witty remark…but the direction this has taken has left me….Seriously.

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