Dreaming of Sun and Sand

Today is a rare day in Albuquerque.  Like most of the nation today, we got whacked by a blast of winter weather.  Schools were delayed for two hours this morning, and after about two inches of snow fell here in the Foothills of the city, the wind is now gusting up to 60 mph.  Brrrr.

As I was scraping the van and brooming off the walk early this morning so that my wife could go to work in a warm and cleared-off van, I though to myself, “I moved here to get away from this kind of weather.”  I then began dreaming of sun and sand.  A couple of years ago, my family escaped the snow and cold of the Midwest winter (where we were living at the time) and had the privilege of going on a family Caribbean cruise for my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday.  There was nothing more rewarding than getting on the plane in the cold and landing in the sunny warmth of Miami.

As I look at today’s weather map, it looks like many of you will be dreaming of sun and sand too, so I’ve decided to post pictures of some of the Caribbean beaches we visited.  Take a minute to browse the pictures by clicking on them.  May they add a glimmer of sun and warmth to your cold, wintry day!

6 thoughts on “Dreaming of Sun and Sand”

  1. I have no such dreams of sun and sand! It is positively a beautiful fairy-land outside today! Bring it on!!

  2. Should have taken your snow shovels instead of leaving them in ohio. Sorry Mike I don’t normally blog but am waiting out in van with our two youngest while Lori is Christmas shopping,

  3. Besides, if you don’t believe in fairies a brownie is going to reach out and grab you and jerk you right through a knot hole and that will take all the hide clean off of you.

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