I’m Back…and Contemplating Preaching in the Buff

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while due to the wedding of my daughter and ALL (and I mean ALL!) that went along with it.  However, I’m slowly recovering from the ALL, and I thought I’d re-enter the blog world today with this intriguing (and somewhat disturbing) church story…

Have you heard about the Whitetail Chapel in Ivor, Virginia?  Maybe I should ask this a different way.  Have you SEEN the story about Whitetail Chapel in Ivor, Virginia?  A recent news story featuring the church revealed that clothing is optional when you attend.  Pastor Allen Parker, a middle-age man with quite a big gut stands in front of the congregation butt-naked and preaches the word in his birthday suit every Sunday morning.

Pastor Allen defends his naked preaching style this way: “Some of the biggest moments in Jesus’ life he was naked.  When he was born he was naked, when he was crucified he was naked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked. If God made us that way, how can that be wrong?”

The church is part of the Whitetail Nudist Resort, the only year-round nudist resort in Virginia.  Pastor Allen says that his congregation is a family-oriented one and is very involved in helping others.  He says that he’d gladly put his church up against other churches.

Well, they may be caring, but I’m really not interested in having any of his naked parishioners put up against me.  Click here to read and see the full story. If you decide to watch the video, you may want to wait until after you’ve eaten!

Father of the Bride

IMG_7522My little corner of the blogosphere has been quiet lately, and for good reason.  My oldest daughter, Emily, is getting married this Sunday (February 14).  She is marrying a young man (Aarron Rogers) whom both Michelle and I approve of and like a lot.  Good thing, huh?!  I’ll be performing the majority of the ceremony.  My father-in-law (a pastor as well) will do the beginning of the ceremony so that I can walk Emily down the isle.  Family and friends are coming from all over the country, and my entire church is invited to the wedding.

Needless to say, this is a busy time in the life of my family, and this week promises to be busier and even more stressful!  If you think about it, please pray for us this week.

And, when things calm down a bit, I will re-enter the blogosphere.  Lots to blog about, but no time to do so.  Gotta go meet with Franck.  Talk to you soon!