God is Jealous

In my sermon yesterday, I preached on the John 2 account of Jesus overturning the tables in the temple.  I stated that one of the reasons why He did this is because He is a jealous God who has an unquenchable and jealous zeal for worship.  I quoted Exodus 34:14 that says,”For you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

I’m reading the book, Warfield on the Christian Life, which is a book written by Fred Zaspel that explores the theology and life of one of America’s leading theologians, B.B. Warfield, who lived from 1851-1921.  While reading today, I came across this quote from him on the “jealous envy” of God.  I thought I would share it as a compliment to my sermon yesterday.

God contemplates our dallying with the world and the world’s pleasures.  He envies the world of our love – the love due Him, pledged to Him, but basely withdrawn from Him and squandered upon the world.  The combined expression is, you will see, astonishingly intense.  God is represented as panting, yearning, after us, even unto not merely jealousy, but jealous envy.  Such vehemence of feeling in God is almost incredible.  Strain the capacity of words to the utmost and still they fall short of expressing the jealous envy with which He contemplates the love of His people for the world, the yearning desire which possesses Him to turn them back to their duty to Him.


3 thoughts on “God is Jealous”

  1. Mike. thanks for the follow up on this. The word that really strikes me is God “pants” after us. As you know we have pets. When we come home they go crazy and follow us around. If we do not pay attention to them they do things to make us pay attention. Not to compare Gods character to that of an animal but it cements the idea in my brain of how much God longs to be with us and to have our attention on him.

  2. I read this morning from Psalms 80 (80th day of the year), in verse 4 & 5.
    4″O LORD God of hosts,
    How long will You be angry with the prayer of Your people?”
    5You have fed them with the bread of tears
    And You have made them to drink tears in large measure.”

    I ask myself, “Is God angry with my prayers? And am I even aware enough to taste His tears He feeds to me and receive the nourishment they offer to me for a restored intimacy with Him.”

  3. Reading Psalm 63 where we see the counterpart — our part. The Psalmist declares FIRST that God is his personal God whom he EARNESTLY seeks because his inner self THRISTS for Him and his flesh LONGS for and FAINTS for Him in this dry & weary land called earth where there is no living water. The Psalmist looks on God in the sanctuary to see His power & His glory because he know that God’s grace is better than this life; his lips praise the Lord God and he blesses Him while he lives and worships His name. He says his WHOLE BEING shall be SATISFIED and his mouth will praise God with joy, remembering Him at night in bed and meditating on Him all night long, refusing to sleep, but watching for the Lord, his Help, rejoicing in the shadow of His wings. His WHOLE BEING follows hard after God, CLINGING closely to Him, upheld by His right hand, secure from those who seek his life. He is bound to God’s authority and acknowedges His supremacy and is devoted to His glory and service.

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