Why Church Is So Important

As a child, I remember complaining about going to church.  My mother was under the conviction that we needed to be in church whenever the church doors were open…and they were open a lot!  As an adult and a pastor, I still occasionally complain about going to church, but that seems a bit self-defeating, so I’m trying to knock it off.  I know quite a few adults who claim to be Christians but who do not go to church.  I’m not writing this to condemn or judge but to remind – remind all of us why church is so important and why going to church is so important.

I recently read an article on The Gospel Coalition’s web site in which the author gave 10 reasons why church is so important.  Let me just paraphrase a few of them.  The link to the full article is at the bottom, and if you’re a mother of small children, then you’ll really appreciate reading all of it.

Why corporate worship and being a part of a church is so important:

1. God is glorified in our public profession of His supreme worth.

2. Being part of the church is who we are as all the saints are united to one another under Jesus our Head. Remembering who we’re saved to be in the context of the body of Christ helps deal with our prideful independence. We need to be part of the body; isolating ourselves from the body is to our detriment.

3. The Holy Spirit’s indwelling means that our contribution to fellowship has tremendous value for others.  The body needs us; isolating ourselves from the body is to the detriment of others.

4. Corporate worship is a venue to participate in the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and baptism. It helps us to remember the plural “you” when we hear, “Christ’s body and blood were given for you.” Witnessing baptisms strengthens our faith as we consider what a public profession of identification with the death and resurrection of Jesus truly means.

5. Our participation in corporate worship is a safeguard against lackadaisical private worship. Coming together with the body of Christ to worship the risen Christ reminds us that worship is not about us.

6. Corporate worship is a taste of heaven as the nations gather and publicly adore Jesus together.

Some people think that because I’m the pastor, I’m the only one who really has to go to church each Sunday, but this just isn’t true.  All Christians are called to gather together for worship each week, and all are needed.

To read the entire article, click here: 10 Ways Ecclesiology Encourages Me by Gloria Furman