Random Thought Thursday: June 27, 2013

20 years with the same woman. Good thing we’re friends. That’s a long time.

How come most people seem to need less sleep the older they get? The older I get, the more sleep I seem to need.

I read a lot for my job, but when it comes to pleasure-reading, I’m stumped. I’ve read a lot of WWII books (both non-fiction and historical fiction) but I’m feeling a bit burned out on the topic right now. I’m really not into fantasy – although I’ve tried. I recently finished “11/22/63” by Stephen King about a guy who finds a time portal and goes back in time to stop the assassination of JFK. It was my first King novel and was very enjoyable, but I’m not into horror – which is mostly what he writes. I need something new: a new genre, author, topic…something.

IMG_0012If I could have any car, I’d choose the 2012 Dodge Challenger. Black. For some reason, I’m totally involved in an emotional affair with it right now. I guess when you’re married to a mini-van, ANY car looks good.

I need to spend more time in the mountains.

Bono is the epitome of cool.

Focusing on one’s family is still very relevant, but how is Focus on the Family still relevant? I guess an interview with Bono helps.

I recently discovered a band called, Puggy, and really enjoy their sound. They kind of remind me of music from the 70’s / 80’s. Check out their latest single:



20 Years…and Counting

20 years ago today, Michelle and I were married in an evening candlelight ceremony in Milwaukee, WI. Here are some of the highlights (and low-lights) from that wonderful day:

Wedding Party_4

I forgot to shave. Although I was only able to produce a bit of unorganized peach fuzz at the time, it was awkwardly noticeable.

We walked the aisle in a quaint church in northern Milwaukee – where Milwaukee Brewers Hall of Famer Paul Molitor attended.

We both wrote our own vows and read them to each other.

The ring Michelle gave me was engraved with the words “I love you forever.” After about 10 years of marriage, I grew out of it and had to have it resized. Don’t laugh. Do you see how skinny I was?

A few years ago, it was stolen when our home was robbed. I wear a new one now.

Speaking of stealing… during the wedding, an old high school “friend” of Michelle’s stole valuables out of the purses of the girls in the wedding party.

Our kiss was perfect – not too short and not too long. Not gross at all. I use our kiss as the standard for all the weddings I do now.

Us_2When we walked out of the church, it was not as a family of 2 but of 3. Two-year old Emily was in tow. The only way we were able to keep her by our side during the ceremony was by feeding her a steady flow of Tic-Tacs.

Michelle’s father married us. His words were sweet, but his homily was bit long if you ask me…but no one has. He cried when he did Emily’s wedding, but didn’t cry when he did ours. Not sure what that means…

A friend and cello player from the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra played a beautiful medley of hymns before the ceremony.

Our reception did not include dancing as we had just graduated from a Christian university where dancing had been prohibited. Legalism sucks. This is the one thing we regret about our wedding. Wish we would have danced.

Although legalism was rampant, my brother – and some of my good Christian friends – “made” me have a drink the night before. I had 2. A strawberry daiquiri and a rum and Coke. The guys wouldn’t let me finish my “girlie” drink until I had something a bit stronger. Thus the rum and Coke. I finished both…and didn’t feel so well. Those were the first 2 drinks I ever had.

After the reception, we met up with all of our friends at our little apartment, opened our gifts and celebrated until 3AM. No alcohol. Legalism, remember?

At 3AM, friends drove us from Milwaukee to Chicago where we caught an early morning flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were exhausted, and both of us slept almost the entire way there.

Once we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, we……..

I really can’t go into detail on that, but here are some more pictures from the our wedding day:





Random Thought Thursday: June 20, 2013

John CougarI had all 3 kids trapped in the van with me the other day, so I introduced them to the fine musical stylings of John Cougar Mellencamp.  Played some classics for them like “Jack and Diane,” “Wild Nights,” “Pink Houses,” “ROCK in the USA,” and so on.  They didn’t get it.  They were indifferent.  I was crushed.  I thought I’d raised them better than that.

On the other hand, those same kids wrote me wonderfully touching and meaningful letters for Father’s Day, so I guess they’re alright.

I’d work at Starbucks just for the smell.

CGRunfitLogo2013JPGI’m running the Cherry Garcia 5K race this Sunday night, but don’t ask me why.  I ran it 2 years ago, and vowed never to run it again.  The temperature at race time was 103 degrees, and at one point in the race, I could hear a woman behind me crying out, “Oh, God help me” over and over.  Kind of freaked me out.  At the end of the race, I was so hot and nauseous that I couldn’t even bring myself to eat the free scoop of ice cream they offered me.  Again…please don’t ask me why.

I hate snakes.

The best way to know God’s will is to know God’s Word.

Beauty pageants should stick to beauty.  It’s painful when they venture into the area of politics and social issues.  Cue Miss Utah…

Like a fine wine, the song “Heart of Gold” recorded by Neil Young in 1972, just gets better and better with age.


Speaking of fine wine, my beautiful, precious, wonderful wife gets better with age too.  20 years this coming Wednesday.


Sorrow Is Not Enough

In itself, conviction of sin cannot deliver anyone from bondage. Let’s say your sin is exposed publicly. It brings you sadness, sorrow and humiliation. It may even cause you to weep mightily. But this does not mean that you have been healed of your sin. The truth is, weeping and wailing often accompany a shallow, halfhearted repentance. The real fruit of genuine repentance is not just tears of grief, but a willingness to forsake the sin that led to such sorrow.  It is not enough merely to weep over your sins.

David Wilkerson. Knowing God by Name: Names of God That Bring Hope and Healing (pg. 89)

God’s Will and the Role of the Church

HowellI’ve been teaching our young adults each week about how to discern God’s will for their lives. One of the books I’m reading is The Will of God: Answering the Hard Questions by James C. Howell. He stresses the role of others – namely the church – in playing a vital role in helping us discern God’s will for our lives. Here’s a powerful quote about this:

To sharpen our perception, and become more adept at God’s will, we submit ourselves to the routines of the Church, where we find friends, good company, a treasury of habits we Christians have found useful, having shaped millions of the faithful so they might know and do God’s will together. We worship with others; Sunday by Sunday, we sing hymns together, we listen to Scripture and a sermon, we bow our heads, we shuffle forward for Communion with a holy host of others—and over time we are reshaped into somebody more like Christ, more attuned to God, not alone but together as the Body of Christ.

Random Thought Thursday: June 13, 2013

Riding a motorcycle when it’s 100 degrees outside is only fun if you don’t have to stop. Stopping at a stop light on a blistering asphalt street surrounded by a city bus and school bus is not fun at all.


The Southern Baptists have converged on Houston this week for their annual convention. An anonymous poll of restaurant servers in the Houston area shows that they hate this convention because baptists “are pushy, don’t tip well, and always order dessert.” Not sure why the dessert thing is a problem, but the other two surely are. C’mon baptists. You can do better than that.

Saw on the news last night that New Mexico ranks last in the country when it comes to people who go to bed each night hungry. 20% of all adults and 30% of all children in the state don’t know where their next meal will come from. Something needs to be done to fix this. It’s a big problem – too big for any one of us – but we all can do something. A great place to start is by supporting your local food pantry by stocking their shelves and working their floors. Every little bit will help.


The little ants that have taken up residence in my house are indestructible. They have staved off every single one of my all-out attacks on their existence in my home. I’m about ready to go crazy – and use a flame thrower on them.

I’ve heard a handful of people say throughout this drought in New Mexico that if our nation would just repent, then God would send us rain. But, I don’t think our nation’s sin is the cause of this drought because so much of the nation is seeing plenty of rain. Maybe it’s just us New Mexicans…

Yet another attack in an Albuquerque church this past week. Seriously. This is ridiculous, sad, and unsettling.


I’m really bummed that I wasn’t able to get tickets for the Mumford and Sons concert last week in Taos. I tried.

There are times when living in a small house is not the greatest. But when it comes to cooling the place when it’s over 100 degrees outside, my old swamp cooler does a great job on our 1300 square feet. Woke up this morning and it was 67 degrees in the house. Michelle wasn’t very happy, but I was!