Songwriter, Singer, Winner!

Our 18-year old daughter, Alexis, loves country music – much to my disappointment. I raised my kids on heavy metal, so for them to turn from it and fall into a nasty love affair with country music is a bit hard for this dad to handle. But, what Alexis did with country music yesterday was pretty awesome.

alexischristyCountry music star, Luke Bryan, is coming to town tonight. Alexis has wanted to go since the time she heard about it, but the tickets are ridiculously priced. So, Alexis has been trying to figure out a way to get a ticket for a more affordable price, but she has not had any luck. So, yesterday, she and a friend wrote a song about wanting free tickets to the show and drove down to the local country radio station to see if they could sing for free tickets. Understand that the station did not ask listeners to do this. This was something that Alexis and her friend came up with on their own.

They had a hard time getting past station security, but the security guard agreed to let them go to the station’s front office and talk to the receptionist. They sang for the receptionist who was so impressed that she had the on-air DJ come out of the studio to hear them. He was so impressed that he invited them into the studio to sing their song on the air! And a listener was so impressed that she offered the girls 2 VIP passes to tonight’s show!

Talk about drive and initiative!! Yes, it’s country music, but this made me proud. Here’s the audio of their 2 minutes of fame: Alexis and Christi Singin for Luke

Random Thought Thursday: July 25, 2013

Weird, but ever since Sunday (the day I turned a year older), I’ve been sore. I had to get my knee brace back out, and I’ve been on a steady diet of Advil. Biked 16 miles on Saturday, ate a lot of cake on Sunday, went to the gym and played softball (where I took a hard spill) on Monday, and went to boot camp on Tuesday. My body is not happy with me…and frankly, I’m not happy with it.

C64comboAt my parents’ house recently, I came across a family newsletter I wrote back in 1985. My older brother and his wife had moved to Maine with the Air Force, so instead of writing them a letter, I spent hours developing a newsletter on our Commodore 64 computer. The newsletter contained a family update, an album review, and a recipe from my mom. Facebook is so much easier and efficient!

I just discovered that I get the Fox Sports Ohio TV channel on my DirectTV package. Reds games every night – just like when I was growing up! The difference now is that it’s in High Definition, and I don’t have to wait until the Lawrence Welk Show is over to tune in.

queenThe media frenzy surrounding the birth of Will and Kate’s “royal” baby seems to me like a royal waste of time and energy. At the rate Queen Elizabeth is going, she’ll be on the throne for another few decades. Then it’s poor Charles’ turn…then it’s daddy Will’s turn. It may be 60-70 years before this baby even sits on the throne. And…does anyone outside of England even care? I know I don’t.

American Ninja Warrior is cool.

This is my neighbor’s front yard. He’s a retired high school art teacher. Can you tell?
toms yard

Brutal Belly Flops

Must have been a slow news day yesterday as this was a featured news headline on Belly-flops Can Cause Injuries.

Men have always known this, and this is why we avoid them at all costs, but evidently there’s more at risk than just what we men inevitably experience when a dive goes horribly wrong.

The doctor interviewed in the article never mentioned the trauma we men experience but did say that the most common injuries seen with belly-flops are contusions or bruising of the skin. He said that rarely do these bruises go deeper and affect your internal organs, but they can. Hard belly flops “can affect organs such as the liver, kidney, pancreas and the bowels. Not only is the abdomen taking the brunt of the landing into the water at a high velocity, there is also sudden deceleration, both of which can cause trauma to the organs.”

He also said that children are more vulnerable than adults because they have less abdominal fat and a relatively larger abdominal cavity. So, the fatter the better. Better splashes and better protection. The doctor even warned that if the belly flop pain is persistent, or if you see blood in your urine or stool, you should see a doctor right away. Whoa! Wonder if any of these smackers experienced any of these symptoms…

Random Thought Thursday: July 18, 2013

polaI turn 43 soon. The age doesn’t bother me, but the number does. It’s just kind of an odd number. Well…technically it IS an odd number, but you know what I mean. The only cool 43 I can think of is the Steelers’ Troy Polamalu’s jersey number. What else is 43 and cool?

I just can’t seem to keep my glasses clean…and it’s driving me crazy.

A few years ago, I served for three months on a grand jury, and the things I had to see and hear are things that I have a hard time forgetting. We heard murder cases, child abuse cases, rape cases – you name it, we heard it…and we saw pictures. The jurors who served on the George Zimmerman trial will never be the same, and I feel sad for them.

New Mexico is finally seeing rain. So many – including myself – have been praying for rain. I am thanking the Lord for His provision…and asking for more.

I can tell funny stories, and I can say funny things that make people laugh, but I can not tell a joke to save my life. I can’t remember them, and if I do, my delivery is never right. Why is that?

Life Below Zero. I came across this show on accident last week, and I can’t get enough of it. Fascinating…and cold.

The Magic Is All But Gone

George_Foster_display_imageTonight is Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. When I was a boy, this game was a magical exhibition of baseballs greatest players that I looked forward to every summer – almost like I did Christmas. All summer long, our radio was tuned to the Cincinnati Reds radio station, and rarely did we miss a broadcast. These broadcasts served as the build-up for me of the one game where I could actually watch all of the stars that I had only heard spoken of on the radio.

By the time this game came around each summer, I was in full baseball card collecting mode (Topps, of course), and leading up to the game, I would gather all of the cards of the All-Stars and set them aside. I would then head down to the local baseball card shop and buy individual cards of the players I didn’t have through buying packs of cards. Come game time, my family would gather around the television, and I would sit on the floor making enough room for an imaginary baseball diamond.  I then put the cards of the players in their proper positions on the field and played out the televised game on my living room floor.

The game seemed so much purer back then.  Most players stayed with the same team their whole careers, so loyalties were built by players and by fans.  Because ESPN didn’t exist yet, there wasn’t an over-saturation of exposure.  This is why the All-Star game was so magical.  It was often the only chance fans had to actually watch their favorite players and the stars from other teams play.

Tonight, players will play who have switched teams (some multiple times), so there’s not nearly as much player/fan loyalty.  Players will play who fans see every night on SportCenter, so the mystery is gone.  And, after tonight’s game, Major League baseball will be passing out suspensions to players who have been discovered using performance enhancing drugs – cheating.

baseball-card-1978-toppsWorse than all of this (in my opinion)…sometime in the late 80’s to early 90’s baseball card collecting went from being a hobby to a business.  More and more companies entered the baseball card market, and instead of one card per player, suddenly each player had multiple cards from multiple companies each year.  Some companies even stopped putting a stick of gum in their packs – a practice that signaled the demise of American culture.  Because of all of this, card prices went up.  A pack of cards that once had 20 cards in it and sold for 25 cents became a pack of 10 for $2.  Kids could no longer afford to collect cards, and baseball card collecting became an adult business.

So, tonight’s game – a game that used to capture and enthrall me – now means nothing to me.  Major League baseball, for that matter, is something I could take or leave now.  It used to be magical, but the magic is all but gone.