Van Wert, OH

I’m spending the new year in my hometown of Van Wert, OH, and yesterday was a rare sunny day here.  Driving around, I noticed how beautiful some of the buildings were in the sunlight, so I grabbed my camera.  Glad I did, because it’s cloudy again today!  Here are some of the beautiful buildings that make up my hometown.

This is my childhood home where my mom has lived for over 40 years.


Two blocks down from the house stands the beautiful Brumback library.


The county courthouse, built in 1874, stands in the center of town.


Here are a few of the beautiful churches in town.



There are also beautiful old homes in town like this one…


When I was a kid, the downtown was full of business and activity. It’s not like it once was, but there it’s still quaint.


One of the big employers in town is Central Mutual Insurance which boasts a beautiful building and property.


Recently, a large portion of my old high school was torn down and replaced by a new building outside of town. However, the football stadium built in the early 1900’s still remains and is used in the middle of the town.


This building is not beautiful, but it is cool. No one believes me when I say that my hometown has a drive-thru convenience store. Well, here it is…