Maximize the Benefit

With my sabbatical comes a new 6-month “rhythm.” My daily and weekly rhythm of ministry is being replaced with a new daily and weekly rhythm. Because I’ve been immersed in ministry for the last 10 years, switching to this new rhythm is a challenge. The elders of my church had me make a plan several months ago for what my life would like like these 6 months, and that has helped, but the transition is not that easy.

One of the pieces of my ministry rhythm that I will not change during my sabbatical is my weekly meeting for prayer with Peter Briggs. For 10 years, Peter and I have met weekly to pray together. Sometimes, we’ve been joined by others, but rarely has a week gone by when we haven’t met. This rhythm is just too important not to continue. Today Peter prayed that I would “maximize the benefit” of my sabbatical. He has always had a way with words, but this phrase especially impacted me. I immediately wrote it down and have been thinking about it all day. This is what I desire to do. I desire to maximize the (wonderful) benefit (for which I am so thankful to Foothills) of my 6-months away.

This weekend, Michelle and I will travel to the mountains outside Albuquerque for a weekend stay at Desert Harbor Retreat where we will receive our first session of counseling and life coaching. I plan to press into this phrase with the counselors there to get their guidance on how I can best “maximize the benefit” of my sabbatical – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Would you please pray for us this weekend that we would learn how to do this? Thanks!