About Mike Potter

cropped-IMG_11581.jpgMike Potter: Christ-follower. Husband of Michelle.
Father of 3. Grandfather of 2.

Pastor of Foothills Fellowship in ABQ, NM.

Former writer for the HomeWord with Jim Burns radio show.

Founder of Parenting Teenagers, a ministry designed to inform, educate, equip, and encourage parents of teens AND designed to help youth workers develop a more family-focused youth ministry.

Loves living in New Mexico, avid Steelers fan, music junkie, motorcycle enthusiast, and cigar aficionado.



3 thoughts on “About Mike Potter”

  1. Always loved mike and enjoyed him and his ministry. We had some good times and some that were very ugly;however, they were an important part of our history.
    God’s providence
    always proves the truthfulness of Rom.8:28. God bless all that your hand touches!

  2. Hi Mike, I recently looked at your website, God Bless you and your family, A few years ago I experienced an Open vision from the Lord, I also heard him speak to me audibly, my hearts desire is to start a church, I have given my testimony to numerous churches and also preached on the street. I feel the Lord leading me to start a church. Please could you pray for me. Thank you. Darren.

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