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Waaa Hooo!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this picture of a cactus I came across when hiking in the Sandia Mountains near my home. I entitled it, “Howdy Pardner.”


This past weekend, I came across this little feller. It seems that he got so excited he couldn’t help but leap for joy!


Howdy, Pardner!

Michelle and I – along with some good friends – went on a long hike into the Sandia mountains yesterday: 2.5 miles in and 1700ft up. It took us about 3 hours round-trip, and we are pretty wiped-out today. However, the entire hike was worth it because we met this cactus cowboy at about 7300ft elevation. He was just standing by the trail in full-kick stance. Funny the things you see while exploring the mountains…