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MO Church

This one was sent to me by my friends, Jeff and Gabrielle, who recently moved from NM to MO. On their first Sunday in MO, they visited this church.

I’m not sure how their visit went, but if they had taken my “Stupid Church Sign 101” class, they would have known that churches with dumb signs like this are probably not even worth visiting. 🙂

If you see a stupid church sign, snap a picture of it and send it to me at

Random Thought Thursday: February 6, 2014


The Super Bowl was not super at all. I was done with it at halftime. Such a let down after so many exciting Super Bowls recently. Peyton Manning bristled at being asked if it was “embarrassing” – but it was. The Seahawks embarrassed the Broncos. Faster. Stronger. Better.



I thought the sculptures on my college campus back in the day were weird, but they were nothing like this. A sculpture of an underwear-clad sleepwalking man was recently installed at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and has left students seriously freaked out with its lifelike appearance. This is no joke. Check out the full story.


church calendar

Leave it to Walmart! Thanks to Chuck Thompson for this find. As if stupid church signs weren’t bad enough, Walmart is selling a church sign calendar for 2014.  When will the madness stop?!


Michelle and I were invited by some new friends to hear a new band (to me) last weekend, and now I’m enjoying some really good new music.  Ryanhood. Check out the video and then check out their web page. Very, very good. Thank you Bradley and Rachel!